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He’s faithful.

But not just when the pain is ending and the understanding comes.
He was faithful in the midst of our hurt, when we were filled with confusion.

He doesn’t suddenly become faithful when we finally come to know what He was doing the whole time we thought He had left us.

When we were unfaithful, He was faithful.
When we didn’t understand, He was faithful.
When we hated Him, He was faithful.
When we blamed Him, He was faithful.
When we marred His reputation, He was faithful.

When we left- He stayed.
When we cursed- He blessed.
When we hated- He loved.

He is faithful.
He was faithful.
He has always been faithful.

(And if the only time you call Him faithful is when you aren’t facing trouble, then you must realize that it was not Him who was unfaithful during that time, but you.)

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